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Beijing Olympics

I have been watching the Beijing Olympics every night since it started. Swimming is one of my favorite events. Most of these athletes are so well conditioned. They are all amazing athletes especially Michael Phelps. It is very crucial for athletes to have the proper strength and conditioning training. A second of a time makes a difference between a gold and silver medal. Having bad training can create injuries and cause the athlete to miss the whole Olympics. Therefore, having a trainer who understands the athlete’s bio-motor skills first and then the function of his/her sport’s requirements are keys to optimize performance.

One of my clients is participating at the Olympics right now. She’s a swimmer. Her name is Mayumi Raheem. I have been following her via the internet because there is not a lot of coverage of her since she represents Sri Lanka. The Olympics coverage here in the US is all or mostly on American athletes. It’s expected and understood. And that’s cool with me. Go USA!!!!!! However, I am rooting for my client. It’s her first time in the Olympics. She got caught in the middle of politics back at her country prior to the Olympics but she is there now and she will be swimming her strong event this Wednesday. I wish her the best. And if she doesn’t win the gold medal, she still has the next Olympic to compete. She is young, only 16 years old.

Designing a program especially for the athlete based on his/her current bio-motor skills with progressions to follow in a weekly periodization is important. It is just as critical to design a training program for the average individual who walks in because we are all built differently and have different goals to accomplish. What are your goals and do you need help to reach them? Perhaps, I can help.


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