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The Power of Sun

For years we have been told that sun exposure is bad for you and will lead to cancer and other related problems….. I sometimes wonder if this is partly a marketing ploy by sunscreen manufactures to increase sales – which worked.

I heard an interesting story not long ago about my father. About thirty years ago, my father was told by his doctor that he had three months to live because he had diabetes. Now this is a long time ago and not a lot of research was done at that time about diabetes, especially in Mexico. My father was so angry and upset at God so everyday he would lay under the sun for hours telling God to just take him now. As days passed by, my father was feeling better and stronger. Four months passed and he was alive and feeling better than ever. He went back to his doctor and he got re-tested, no trace of diabetes. In fact, he was even healthier. Ever since, my father claims that sun is the best thing for your health. He has been religiously tanning every day for 2 to 3 hours for over 30+ years. My friends will alway tell me how my dad looks so much younger than his age and how his skin is smoother than lots of younger people.

Having said that, let’s think about it logically – if sun exposure was so bad for you how the hell did we survive for millions of years?

If you look at what is going on with the world’s state of health you will see that these are the most unhealthy times for the human race on this planet. Yet the experts keep telling us to keep out of the sun, eat more grains, eat less protein and fat because these things will cause heart disease and cancer yet since they have been telling us this heart disease and cancer has been on the rise.

Your body needs Vitamin D and the best way to get it is through sunlight. There are extensive research completed by Dr. William Grant who has uncovered exciting potential for the use of vitamin D in the prevention and treatment of a number of high-incidence cancers found in Western populations.

Let’s have a little look at some of the truths regarding the sun.

1. Sunlight Can Lower Your Cholesterol
2. Sunlight Can Prevent and Treat Cancer
3. Sunlight Can Lower Your Blood Pressure
4. Sun Exposure Can Kill Chronic Viral Infections In Your Blood
5. Sunlight Increases the Value of Exercise
6. Sunshine Can Increase Your Muscle Strength
7. Sunlight Improves Your Body’s Ability to Detoxify
8. Sunlight Can Decrease Tooth Decay

If you want more more information on the power of the sun and its health benefits, you may want to look up the following references:

The Healing Sun by Dr. Richard Hobday

Your Best Health Under the Sun by Dr. Al Sears


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