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Found a location

Hello everybody-

I know I have not been very good at updating my blog but I have been busy looking for a location to open my studio. I finally found a place I really like. It’s perfect. It’s a 2,700 SF industrial space located at 1653 10th Street in Santa Monica. 

My studio will be all functional equipped with proper Olympic bars and plates. I will have the proper female Olympic bars for those female clients. The bar is smaller for a better grip for female’s hands, and the two ends of the bar spin fast. It makes a big difference when doing Olympic lifting. Once you start training on these Olympic (male and female) bars, it is difficult to go back to bars used in all commercial gyms. You do get spoiled, but these bars make a huge, huge difference in your training. When I open my studio, everybody who never seen or touch an Olympic bar before is welcome to stop by and try them.

I am going to have several power racks with one rack having the Olympic lifting platform. I am also going to set up an artificial track for interval training/sled work, or any person/athlete training for power, speed and acceleration.

My studio will be different from any conventional gym. It will be functional based and simple. I will open my studio officially as early as the mid of this month or no
later than next month. I’m very excited and can’t wait to invite
everybody for a visit. There will be more information to come. Stay tune!


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