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Hi everybody-

I apologize for not updating my blog.  It has been awhile.  After I found the location, I have been so busy setting up the studio.  I want this studio to be one of kind in Santa Monica.  The studio is called AF Performance Center.  I want a studio with all of the functional training equipment you can think of, from basic tools for beginners to hard core gadgets for training strong-man and professional athletes.  I already have most of the equipments in the studio but I still have more to come by the end of this year.  I already have or will have the following:

  1. Kettlebells including competition Kettlebells,
  2. Elite Power Rack (a good looking, hard core rack, the only one in Los Angeles) with a multi-grip chin-up bar,
  3. Functional Keiser (a sweet, smooth, air compressor equipment for strength, power and functional movements),
  4. Sled (to be pushed and pulled on my 75-foot indoor track),
  5. Slide Board (a fun tool for intervals, you slide side-to-side like hockey players or roller blading)
  6. Olympic Platform with half rack to do Olympic Lifting,
  7. Indian Clubs (great for training your upper body especially strengthening the shoulder complex),
  8. Climbing rope,
  9. Jungle gym (looks like gymnastic rings but with different handles)
  10. Keiser spinning bike (for metabolic training),
  11. Lots of plyometric tools like the Hurdles, Ladders, Cones, Boxes, Steps and many more.
  12. Free weights like dumbells, chains, Olympic bars (the same ones used at the 2008 Olympics) and bumper plates,
  13. Resistance and correction bands,
  14. Reebok Core Board and ab wheel (to get 6-pack abs).

Go to and check out some pictures.  I’m very excited and I hope people like what they see and decide to drop by for a visit and become a member.

I love to train everybody like an athlete.  It’s fun and a different kind of workout unlike the usual machine-based fitness program given at all commercial gyms in LA.

I have clients coming from Pasadena (that is a long drive especially during traffic hours) and one person from Riverside.  They love the training and don’t want to go back to commercial gyms.  I’m working on getting testimonials from my clients for my website.

This is it for now.  I personally invite you all to come and visit my studio.  See ya!!!


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