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Wouldn’t it be nice to look skinny by simply thinking about it?  We all know this is not possible, and it’s also not possible to lose weight by not eating or eating unhealthy food.

Most people nowadays look for quick fixes because it’s fast and easy, or they simply lie to themselves by thinking that they are eating healthy when they are not. Most people would prefer to not eat to shed few pounds than to change their eating habit.  You get out what you put in.  So if you eat healthy, then you feel and look healthy, but people don’t want to give up french fries, coke or alcohol.  Eating is essential to our body and our immune system.  It’s what you eat not how much you eat that makes a difference to a body.  It’s not about calories in or out, it’s about the quality of food your body is absorbing that will ultimately make a difference in your body’s size and health.

Training is the same way with most people. I have heard this before:  Doing cardio for hours will make you lose weight.  Wrong!!  It’s how you train that makes a difference.  A hard strength workout (with free weights) for a short period will get you results faster and better for your health.  There are lots of research and studies done on this.  The studies show one same result over and over: doing cardio is not better than weight training when it comes to losing body fat.  However, going back to my point of this post, people rather do the cardio than weights because it’s easier.  How many people do we see in the gym sitting on a bike or walking/jogging on a treadmill, reading and watching TV.  It’s easier than picking up the weights and really working hard at it because you have to focus.  Imagine how much body fat you will be burning if you just work out hard with weights for 30 minutes than one or two hours in a cardio machine?

If people eat right and exercise accordingly, we wouldn’t have this obesity problem today.


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