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Fake Drugs in China

drugsA friend of mine sent me an article on fake drugs in China.  It’s posted on  The article is called “China finds more fake diabetes medication”.  It is so sad to know that some people will do anything for money whether people’s lives are in danger or not.  I wonder if the people who are making the fake drugs have any remorse when they hear people are dying from taking their fake drugs.  I guess they have no conscience or care.  I don’t think they are naive to think that people won’t die from it.  But then again, I have been to China and a lot of people there are so clueless and square that they don’t think about the consequences.  Most of them think about how to make a quick buck and survive day by day.    I wonder if providing them with better education or having taught good principals at home would make a difference.  But then, most of these fake drug makers are not stupid people so they must know.  Again, it’s sad to know that there are people out there who think that money is more important than a human life.  What is your opinion on this?


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