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Best warm up exercises

The best warm up exercises you can do prior to any training is self-myofascial release exercises.  You use foam rollers and tennis balls to release tension in your body.  You do want to release the tension or stress that your body has been holding.  By doing so, your body will open up or warm up and be ready to train hard while adding on more tension (working out can release stress psychological but can also add more tension to your body especially if the training is hard).   A person’s body can only take so much stress before it collapses.  Therefore, not only do the self-myofascial release exercises are better than sitting on a cardio equipment for 30 minutes as warming up but are better for your body and health.

All of my clients do these exercises prior to training.  Sometimes, they don’t want to get off the roller because they know they need it and they feel great afterwards.  It is also great for recovery after a hard training session.  You will get less muscle soreness the next day if perform after a training or few hours after training.

If you want to learn more about it, click here and check out the videos.

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