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Any correlation between stress and gray hair?

gray-hairMy parents told me that they have gray hair because of the stress I’m giving them.  For years, I believed them but as I get older and have more responsibilities, my stress level has gone to the roof and yet I don’t have gray hairs.  Well, maybe one or two here and there.  I always thought gray hair has to do with your health condition.  I finally find an article from Dr. Mercola’s website discussing the reasons for having gray hair.  Click HERE to read about it.  And the reasons are old age, poor health and chemicals exposed from hair dyes.  So those who like to dye your hair to different colors or cover the gray hair might want to reconsider this option as it could have long-term damage to your hair and also body.  The safest option is to accept what nature has given you.  Besides, gray hair is very flattering to lots of people, it shows the maturity and experience in a person.

Another thing Dr. Mercola mentioned in his article is the stem cell stimulation therapy as a solution to regain hair and avoid gray hair.  He discussed the studies and research done so far.  It’s a new therapy but he also discussed a cheaper solution which is physical exercise.  It was proven that exercising can reverse the age-related decline in the production of neural stem cells.  In order words, exercising can help avoid gray hair.  If you look and feel healthier by exercising, why will the condition of your hair be any different.  Hair is part of our bodies.  Stress can diminish your health condition and therefore affect your hair color.  Stress can have an indirect effect to gray hair.  Exercising is a great stress relief.  Not only will you feel great but you will look younger if you exercise.


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