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One secret to loose fat effortless and fast

Hi everybody-

I have already told some of you about how I was completing a two-week trial on balancing my hormones.  The results were evidently positive.  I got very lean without altering my diet and exercise routine (in fact, I trained less because I was busy with work and attending seminars).   Most people could eat very clean and healthy and work out like crazy, and yet not able to loose weight or get lean.  One of the secret is “Balancing the Hormones”.  Hormone imbalances will increase fat storage in certain parts of the body where the imbalanced hormone(s) are known to affect.   If you get your hormones in balance, losing fat is fast and you can remain lean or maintain your ideal weight without much effort.

Check out the before and after pictures of my two-week trial:





Oh btw, I’m not flexing on the “After” picture.  Imagine how much body fat can a person loose if proper diet and exercise were supplement into their daily routine. Remember I didn’t change my eating habits and I was exercising less.  I got lean fast and effortless.

If anybody is interested in learning more about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  At AF Performance Center, we do nutrition and hormonal assessments to help each individual reach his/her goals.  You can get those 6-pack abs and lean arms in less than a month.  If you have a wedding coming soon or an event you need to look fabulous, let AF Performance Center helps you.


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