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Unable to sleep is a symptom not a cause

I found that most people nowadays have problems sleeping.  Unable to fall sleep, to stay asleep throughout the night or to sleep at all are just symptoms of something else that is happening on a person’s body or health.  We need to find the cause of it.

Napping with Kitty Cat during my brake at the gym

Taking an afternoon nap with Kitty Cat

I have a very close friend who has been telling me for years that she can’t sleep well and she has been relying on sleeping pills.  I had her complete a Wellness Assessment.  The results indicated her adrenal system was not normal.   I should have known that her constant high stress from work and lifestyle was affecting her health.  In her case, stress was causing her adrenal fatigue.  What happens after this?  She is under so much stress, her sleeping patterns get screw. Your body recovers or repairs cells when you are in the sleeping mode.  So if you don’t get proper sleep, other parts of your health gets affected like thyroid function, digestion, etc.  It’s like a domino effect.  One collapse and another follows.  As a result, you have a bad immunity and always falling sick.  And worst, you are susceptible of  catching unusual illness and/or diseases like diabete and cancer.

If you can’t sleep well at night, don’t just take sleeping pills because that is not treating the cause.  Sleeping pills is just a temporary fix and it can screw up your body more in the long run.   So I suggest you get some help to find out the cause.  There are tests out there like saliva and blood tests to determine if something in your body is out of balance.  We, at AF Performance, provide saliva test which is the most accurate.  If your treat the cause, your sleep will be normal or even better than before.


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