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Health Tip for the Week Sept 1st

Hi Everybody-

From now on, I will be posting one health tip every week.



It helps combat dehydration especially now when it’s so hot.  Many people notice that no matter how much water they drink, they still feel dehydrated.  This is due to the lack of healthy salt inside the body.  Adding sea salt to your water and food satisfies thirst longer because the mineral content holds more of the water you drink within your body, in other words, it retains fluid in your body’s cells.

Sea salt has been used throughout history as a healing aid. It is effective due to its natural mineral content.

However, do not use table salt .  Table salt has virtually no health benefits because of its processing; it is bleached, heated, and ground to produce the hard white powder, leaving it devoid of nutrients. Due to the chemicals added to table salt to prevent caking and to preserve the substance, standard table salt often causes a range of health problems. So always use sea salt, best if it is organic sea salt.

By adding a pinch of sea salt (3 to 4 grains) to your 1.5 litter bottle of water, it can also restore a more normal blood pressure because salt helps us retain fluid in the blood vessels, and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.

There should be no flavor difference in your water.  If you taste the salt, you put too much, and in this case, dilute with more water and add less salt next time.

There are plenty more reasons for adding sea salt to your water, but I only mentioned the few most important reasons in here.  If you are interested in learning more about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


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