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Health Tip for week Sept. 7th


veggiesYou should be eating a good variety of vegetables.  There are lots of health benefits to it and I will mention a few here:

  1. Has an alkaline effect in your body
  2. Reduces risk of chronic disease
  3. Protects body from free radical damage
  4. Supports self-defense mechanism by improving your immunity
  5. Reduces strokes and cardiovascular disease
  6. Detox and nourish the body
  7. Reduces risk of getting type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  8. Contains fiber so reduces risk of coronary heart disease and any digestive problems
  9. Helps lose weight

Ok. So we all knew eating vegetables is good for us but then you might wonder how much serving per meal.  Well, this is a tricky question because it really depends on your metabolic type.  Some peoplebcan eat over 12 servings and be ok while others are better when it is less.  The general rule will be to eat a wide variety per meal, don’t just eat one type of vegetable.  I know for a fact that most Americans don’t consume enough vegetables or if any at all in one day.

If you are one of those people who don’t eat enough or don’t like vegetables, you can take supplements instead.

“Jarrow’s Green Defense” greens “Metagenic’s Phytoganix” metagenicsphytoganix

These are two very high concentrated, powder form which can be dissolve in water or any juice.   There are many different brands out there.  You can go to Wholefoods or any vitamin shop.  I recommend these two because they are good brands.  In fact, I sell them in my  gym for a slight cheaper price than most retail stores and no sale tax.

Remember, make an effort to eat a wide variety of vegetables in each meal every day.  It will benefit you in a long run.  Thanks for reading.


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