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Health tip for week Sept 28th

  • Use probiotic supplements, best supplement you can take.

yogurtI’m sure everybody has heard of antibiotics.  Doctors prescribe them to patients to kill germs, bad bacteria or any infection virus.  However, how much do you know about probiotics?  A quick introduction:  Probiotics are live microorganisms (in most cases, bacteria) that are similar to beneficial microorganisms found in the human gut.  They are also called “friendly bacteria” or “good bacteria.”  Probiotics are available to consumers mainly in the form of dietary supplements and foods, most commonly known in yogurts.

It is important to have these friendly bacteria in our bodies (in the gut, in the skin, everywhere) because they are vital to proper development of the immune system, to protection against microorganisms that could cause disease, and to the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.

A healthy body is when it produces these good bacterias on its own, however, it can be thrown off by antibiotics and disease-causing bacteria, yeasts, fungi and parasites.

When prescribed antibiotics, they kill all bacteria including the friendly or good bacteria, causing a drop in your immune system leaving you vulnerable to catch another illness, and having possible side effects like gas, cramping or diarrhea.  So if you were ever on antibiotics, you sure definitely need to use or offset the antibiotics with a supplementation of some sort of probiotics.

So what foods contain probiotics? Let me start by telling you that each person’s mix of bacteria varies. Interactions between a person and the microorganisms in his body, and among the microorganisms themselves, can be crucial to the person’s health and well-being.  Examples of foods containing probiotics are yogurt, fermented and unfermented milk, miso, tempeh, and some juice.  To provide a broad spectrum of health benefits, it is recommended to get probiotics in a dietary supplement like capsules, tablets and powder because they can contain up to 20 billion total probiotic bacteria and different probiotic strains in one capsule.  To get the same amount of bacteria in foods, you would need to eat about 500 small yogurt a day.  Is this feasible?  No.  Not only that, most yogurt is being pasteurized and therefore, the  process destroyed most or all the good bacteria in the food.

In summary, if you ever taken antibiotics in the past, you always fall sick or have digestion problems, you are much better off taking probiotics supplements to optimize your health.

At AF Performance Center, we sell 3 different kinds of probiotics:  15 billion, 20 billion and 40 billion total bacteria per capsules.  We sell them cheaper than any retail store and pay no tax.  Anybody interested, please contact us at AF Performance Center.  Thank you.


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  1. thanks. some great infomation here

    Comment by mark | October 9, 2009 | Reply

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