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Health tip for week Oct 12th

  • Make sure you have a good digestion system

digestionA state of health starts in your digestive system, in other words, in the gut.  Your digestive system should be the first line of defense.   We all agree that to get a good health, our body needs nutrients.  Well, what happens if our body is not absorbing the nutrients?  The body falls apart and a domino effect occurs.  Your immune system goes down which affects your hormones, and therefore, you start to get sick, tired and even start to gain weight.  In my blog, I previously talked about the effect of hormone levels in our body when they are inbalance.  Here, I am talking about the fuel our body needs to stay healthy.  If our digestive system is not working properly or not breaking down the food, then how do you expect your body to absorb the nutrients?  You can eat the cleaniest diet and swallow as much supplement pills, it ain’t going to make a difference in your health if your gut is not breaking down the food so that your body can absorb the nutrients.  If I got your attention and like to learn how to test yourself to find out whether your digestive system is working properly and how to treat it when it is not, then read the following article “Digestion – The Foundation of Health” written by Dr. Peter Rouse.

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