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Health tip for week Oct. 26th

  • Make sure you are consuming foods that contain ZINC

Along with calcium and iron, zinc is probably the most important mineral to the human body.  It is said that 70% of American Children lack the recommended levels of zinc in their diet.

Why is Zinc so important for our bodies?

Zinc contributes to hundreds of functions in the human body.  Few benefits are listed as follow:

  • It helps our brain functions, body growth, immune system, digestion and metabolism.
  • The major functions comprised of supporting the immune system are joint health, tissue development and aiding in cell growth. Specifically, scientists from Florida found that Zinc not only supports healthy immune function, but increases activation of the cells (T cells) responsible for destroying viruses and bacteria.
  • Zinc eliminates sexual dysfunction and or boosts sexual function. Men especially should give real thought to this essential mineral because their zinc levels are depleted every time they have sex due to the very high concentration of zinc in sperm.
  • Zinc has proven with aiding in the health of the hair, and helping with skin wound healing.
  • Now, a new research study in the August 2009 issue of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology suggests that Zinc may be pointing the way to new therapeutic targets for fighting infections.

From all angles, zinc is the all around do-gooder in the functions of most of our senses, including the ability to taste, smell, and see. Investigative research indicates that zinc can counter vision impairment in the event of macular degeneration. A zinc deficiency can lead to loss of smell and dulling of taste buds.

Furthermore, a zinc deficiency can cause, or certainly exacerbate, everything from acne to diabetes. This is because zinc is needed by the body to make insulin (the hormone that regulates glucose levels in the blood), eliminate harmful toxins, and to maintain a healthy immune system.

How do you know if you have adequate zinc in your body?

There are several zinc test levels.  One way is to determine zinc through measuring white blood cell levels which it’s a very expensive process.  Another way is through hair levels which is not very accurate.  The easiest and still very accurate is the Zinc Taste Test.  You buy zinc tally which is zinc sulphate in purified water (in other words, zinc in a liquid form).  The test involves taking a sip of the solution (approximately 5-10 ml) and holding it in the mouth for about 30 seconds. Make sure you don’t consumed food or drinks one hour before the test.  The answer depends on what you taste after the 30-second hold.  If you get no flavor or “like-water” taste, it’s a typical zinc deficiency.  If you have a very strong metallic taste, you are okay and have good zinc status.

What to do if you are zinc deficiency?

lamb_zincThe body is incapable of producing zinc on its own.  As individuals we need to makes sure we eat a sufficient amount of food that contains the minerals or use the proper supplements that will give our cells the zinc they need.  In doing so make sure to drink enough water and eat a wide range of foods that contains zinc such as meat (lamb in particular), eggs, nuts and oysters.

Those with zinc deficiency can benefit from taking zinc supplements.  Zinc supplements provide the much-needed mineral that is needed by every cell in your body and is one of the cheapest supplements out in the market.  I highly recommend Metagenics Zinc A.G. because this one features a highly absorbable form of zinc in the form of a true amino acid chelate.  This proprietary, patented chelate utilizes the amino acids glycine and arginine for enhanced zinc absorption.  Most brands sold over the counter utilize cheap forms or sources of zinc which are not absorbable.  I have clients who have been taking zinc for 5 years or more, and when they take the zinc taste test, it shows zinc deficiency.  If you are going to buy zinc supplements, invest in good brands, otherwise, it’s a waste of money and effort.

AF Performance Center sells Metagenics Zinc AG along with other good brands and we also provide the Zinc Taste Test to all of our clients or people who sign up to our nutrition program. Click here for more information.


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