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Prejudice against Fat People

I just read an article “Why are Fat People Abused?” at  It’s sad to know that people verbally and physically abuse obese people.  But the reality is we live in a very harsh world where people can be mean and ignorant.

fatYou get all kinds of different people.  A fat person who claims to have tried everything but in reality, is just lazy and can’t give up certain foods especially sweet (no self-control) and it’s not his/her fault due to hormonal (insulin) imbalances.  Or a fat person who in reality have tried everything but still can’t get slim.  The key here is to find out the cause of the overweight problem.  He or she probably doesn’t even know it.  It could be medical (hormonal imbalances), stress (personal or job related), some sort of drug/alcohol addiction, or body injuries.  This is when ignorance occurs from both sides, the attacker and the victim.  Most people are just not educated or informed about a lot of things that can help a person stay slim or lose weight.  How many people know that by balancing hormones can make you lose weight effortless and get you healthy?  Not many.  One thing everybody knows about losing weight is eat less and exercise more.  Well, WRONG.  For super obese people, it might work initially but they will hit a wall where they no longer can lose any more weight, and more likely will gain it all back after a period of time.  Our bodies are much more complex than a simple diet like eat less and exercise more, or the “calories in, calories out” diet.  If that really works, then why is obesity at its highest level ever?

Instead of abusing the fat people, they should encourage them to get help.  It is unacceptable to judge before knowing their health situation, and to attack them in public.  However, it is also outrageous and silly for people to blame their obesity on genetics.  If it was genetic, then why were they not born fat?    Medical help is everywhere.  Just need to know where to go.  The hormonal testing is easy to do and the answers could easily lie there.  We, at AF Performance Center, specialize in this area and we have help so many people lose 20 pounds in a matter of two weeks by simply balancing their hormones.  If you know someone or yourself who have tried many diets and didn’t work, try this method. What do you have to lose?  Or contact me and I can give you some guidance.


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