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Health tip for week Dec 7th

    Maintaining a healthy sex life will result in a good overall health

Having a healthy sex life and relationship are important parts of your overall health and well-being.

Benefits of maintaining a healthy sex life:

  1. Mental and emotional health balance is clearly influenced by sex. Abstinence is known to cause from anxiety to paranoia and depression. In fact, in case of light depressions, after having sex the brain releases endorphins, that decrease stress, inducing a state of euphoria.
  2. For women, sex can be a beauty treatment. While having sex, a woman’s body doubles the estrogen level, and this makes her hair shine and the skin becomes softer.
  3. A 10-year research carried on 1,000 middle-aged men at Queens University in Ireland, showed that sex on a regular basis increases the humans’ lifespan.  For the same age and health, those who had orgasms more frequently had half the death rate of men who did not have such frequent orgasms.  This is due to reducing stress hormones, reaction that installs after we have sex.
  4. Sweating while having sex cleanse the skin pores, making the skin brighter and decreasing the risk of developing dermatitis.
  5. Sex can make us lose weight.  We burn fat and calories during sex. As we lose fat in the process, we also strengthen our muscles, replacing fat with muscles, ultimately getting lean.
  6. Sex sharpens our senses, at least the smell.  Following the orgasm, a rise of the hormone prolactin makes the brain’s stem cell s form new neurons in the olfactory bulb, boosting a person’s olfactory abilities.
  7. Having sex regularly drops the cholesterol level, balancing the ratio good cholesterol:bad cholesterol.
  8. Sex leads to a better control of the bladder, by strengthening the pelvis muscles controlling the flow of urine.
  9. Sex is beneficial for our heart and blood circulation, especially in the brain, because of the increased heart rate and deep breathing.
  10. 10.  The hormones released while we have sex help both men and women.  Estrogen protects a woman’s heart but on the long term, it can be efficient also against Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis while testosterone strengthens the bones and muscles.
  11. Sex fights CANCER. Various researches have shown that a high ejaculation frequency and sexual activity are linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer later in life.  A study found out that men who ejaculated 13 to 20 times monthly presented a 14% lower risk of prostate cancer than men who ejaculated on average, between 4 to 7 times monthly for most of their adult life.  Those ejaculating over 21 times a month presented a 33% decreased risk of developing prostate cancer than the baseline group.

How to keep your sex life healthy?

The surest way to awaken sexual appetite and increase sexual activity is through physical exercise. Regular exercise can pique sexual desire and make sex more enjoyable. Many people are over-worked, over-stressed and over-eating on a daily basis. These factors lead to tired and generally unhealthy individuals. Exercise is a well-documented way to lose excess fat and increase muscle. When our bodies are healthy, they tend to be able to “go with the flow” throughout the day and not become overly stressed and tired. With more energy and a better outlook emotionally, individuals will have a desire to engage in a healthy sex life. Regular exercise also increases blood flow to the genitals, priming men and women for sex.

Becoming actively involved in an exercise program may be the simplest way to increase your sex drive and improve your sex life!  Few other things you can also do are eat a healthy diet; avoid medications that can cause sexual dysfunction; stimulate your senses; get enough sleep; and, most important, learn healthy ways to manage stress.


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