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Health tip for week Dec 14th

Environmental estrogen is bad and causes cancer and lots of health problems.

Let’s start by defining Environmental Estrogen.

Environmental estrogen is phytoestrogen (plant based estrogens found in such plants as soya, beans, grains) and the man-made chemicals that are found in the environment and have estrogenic properties.  In other words, it is the technical term for any of a group of synthetic substances found in the environment that, when absorbed into a person’s system, function in a similar wary to estrogen, the generic term for female sex hormones.

So what is wrong with Environmental Estrogen?

Environmental estrogen has become a real problem these days because they’re found just about everywhere and actually, they are difficult to avoid.  They’re in plastics and easily leach into plastic-wrapped foods. They’re in pesticides, detergents, preservatives, carpets, and even in the air.  They disrupt the normal secretion of hormones and disturb the body’s metabolism, which have serious adverse health effects in humans. Environmental estrogens are connected to everything from PMS to cancer and reproductive problems – even generations after exposure.

In fact, environmental estrogens have been found to change our genes and give our bodies the instructions to produce cancer.  They have recently been identified as a possible cause of endometriosis and breast cancer, two diseases increasingly found among young women. They are also believed to contribute to a reduction in men’s sperm counts disrupting the normal development of the male reproductive tract.

How do we get environmental estrogens out of our bodies?

Deep detoxification including liver and colon cleansing, can be a large part of the answer as these methods remove considerable stores of environmental garbage from the body. But another part of the answer lies in the foods you’re consuming.

A detoxification can be done using natural herbs and is a gentle cleanse.  Avoid using one of the detox diet programs on the market because they can be harsh on your body and are probably not very effective.  The detox diet programs on the market will brush the surface in terms of removing chemical and fecal buildup from the body, but will not be powerful enough to complete the job. A simple detox for a week or two is not enough to remove years of buildup from the body.  As you know, the body is a complex system where all of the parts work together for holistic health. Therefore, getting a natural detoxification and consuming the right foods is the solution.

When it comes to food, you’ll want to avoid consuming non-organic produce such as fruits and vegetables as they are spray with pesticides.  Also, avoid non-organic meat or animal products, as these animals are given hormones to speed their time to market. In other words, eat organic produce or whole foods as often as possible. By eating organic, you’ll limit the quantities of pesticides that directly enter your body. Because whole foods are detoxifying and fiber-rich, you’ll also be helping your body remove that which it doesn’t need.

Cruciferous vegetables, including cabbage, broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, contain key compounds that help detoxify us, and specifically, they speed environmental estrogens out of our bodies. These compounds actually signal our genes to increase the production of detoxification enzymes – which jumpstarts our body’s detoxification processes. And of course, the more environmental estrogens and toxins your body can detoxify for you, the healthier you’ll be all around.

Cruciferous vegetables are so effective that many studies have found greatly reduced cancer risks by consuming them. One study showed that people eating these foods regularly have about half the risk of creating some cancers – when compared to others eating non-cruciferous vegetables. To get the benefits, these vegetables should be raw or only lightly cooked and it’s best to consume four or more servings each week.

At AF Performance Center, we can help and provide the right cleansing and detoxification for you.  Each person’s body is unique and eating the proper food that is appropriate for your body based on your biochemistry will speed up the  removal of any environmental estrogens and toxins.  Our detoxification and cleansing programs are gentle.


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