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Health tip for week March 22nd

  • Make sure your adrenal glands are healthy and functioning properly; otherwise, a disruption could cause serious health problems including cancer.

Let’s start with discussing what is the adrenal glands.

Each human body has two adrenal glands (also called the suprarenal glands) and they are situated in the abdomen, above the kidneys.  There are three distinct zones to the adrenal glands.  Each zone secretes different types of hormones:  1) Aldosterone, 2) Cortisol and 3) Sex hormones.

Aldosterone increases sodium retention throughout the body, increases potassium excretion and increases water retention.

Cortisol mobilizes and increases amino acids in blood and liver by promoting protein catabolism.  It also stimulates liver to convert amino acids to glucose, mobilizes and increases fatty acids in the blood, maintains resistance to stress and modulates thyroid function.

Sex hormones are the progesterone, estrogen and testosterone precursors and androgens. DHEA is like the mother of sex hormones.  It also stimulates bone deposition and remodeling, which can help prevent osteoporosis.  It improves cardiovascular status by lowering total and LDL cholesterol levels.  It increases muscle mass and decreases percentage body fat.

The importance of the adrenal gland is huge.  It regulates immunity, has detox capacity, balances metabolism, distributes weight and fat, contributes to neural-musculo-skeletal health, and operates the whole endocrine system (thyroid, pancreas i.e. insulin).  To keep it simple, the job of the adrenals is to help the body maintain stability and equilibrium.

One of the biggest disruptions in the adrenals is stress.  Stress refers to anything that disturbs an individual’s physical, mental, or emotional equilibrium and can affect the body in many different ways.  People also have many and different ways they react to stress.  Some individuals eat too much sugar and processed fats, some skip meals, others overeat and some drink alcohol and smoke.  All of these lead to poor health such as dysfunctional cortisol, imbalanced blood sugar control, imbalanced sex hormones (most common is lower testosterone for man) and malfunction of thyroids (constant or clinical fatigue).

All of these problems suppress immune function and deplete the body of Magnesium, Zinc, Glutamine, Carnitine, etc., which can lead to allergies, infections and cancer.

I don’t mean to scare you but almost all Americans live with some sort of stress.  Therefore, we have at least few imbalances in our body and that will affect our adrenal glands.  One way to avoid cancer is to ensure that your adrenal glands are functioning properly and healthy.

To find out whether you have adrenal dysfunction, there are test kits available through your doctor.   The best way is saliva test because it tests your adrenals 4 times a day.  Blood test is just once and is a snapshot of your hormones at the time your blood is taken.  Hormones fluctuates throughout the day and saliva will give us a better indication on how your hormone levels are throughout the day.  At AF Performance Center, we offer the saliva test kit as we have a doctor who works with us.  We charge you the wholesale cost of the test kit and a consultation fee if you want to learn how to fix it.  For more information, you can contact us at or 310-895-5385.


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