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Health Tip for week April 5th

  • Chlorine is bad for you, and yes, that includes chlorinated pools.

Swimming in a chlorinated pool may boost the odds that a child susceptible to asthma and allergies will develop these problems.

Chlorinated pools irritate the airways of swimmers, exerting a strong additive effect on the development of asthma and respiratory allergies such as hay fever and allergic rhinitis.

The impact of chlorinated pools on the respiratory health of children and adolescents appears to be much more important — at least by a factor of five — than that associated with secondhand smoke.

Chlorine is a hazardous chemical when absorbed by your body or inhaled. Most public pools are overloaded with chlorine, as the well-intentioned people who maintain public pools overly shock them with chlorine to make sure bacteria and other organisms get snuffed out quickly.

But even the swimming pool in your backyard could be toxic if you treat it with chlorine.

If you love to swim but want to maintain high-level health, I strongly recommend avoiding chlorinated or brominated swimming pools.

If you have access to one, swimming in an ocean is best. Salt water actually serves to kill many of the parasites that live on your skin, in your nasal passages, and around your eyes. Swimming in salt water can also take a significant amount of stress off your immune system and help you detoxify and balance your body.

In addition, swimming in the ocean allows you to absorb many of the valuable and beneficial minerals from the salt water.

After salt water, a lake or other natural body of water would be best.

If your only option is a swimming pool, find a way to keep your pool clean from bacteria, algae, and other organisms without the use of dangerous chemicals. There are pools converted to salt water pools.

You should also  know that chlorine is not only found in chlorinated swimming pools — they’re also in your tap water, including the water you use to shower and bathe.  Best recommendation I was given by a doctor who I learned about this information was to buy a reverse osmosis system, whole house water filters or at least shower filter to eliminate the toxins.  The largest organ of a human is the skin so it is not hard to absorb the chlorine, fluoride and all of the other toxins and contamination present in your water.


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