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Health tip for week April 26th

I just read and learned about this fascinating health tip and decided to share it in my blog:  Napping can boost your memory, but ONLY if you dream.

Wow.  Isn’t that amazing?!  Your mind continuous to work while you are sleeping.  I read this on Dr. Mercola’s blog.  Apparently, there is new research indicating that a nap may boost your ability to process and store information by a factor of ten — but only if you dream while you’re asleep.

Researchers asked close to college students to memorize a complex maze. Those who got a nap did better than those who stayed awake.  However, people who both napped and dreamed about the maze performed 10 times better than the nappers who did not report such dreams.

This research was reported at CNN.  Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains that:

“It doesn’t even need to be a deep sleep … Although the deep slumber known as rapid eye movement (REM) is most closely associated with dreaming, the students’ dreaming and learning occurred after as little as one minute of non-REM sleep.”

Click here to see a video at CNN about this remarkable research.


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