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Health tip/awareness for week May 10th

If you have been reading my blog, you know I am big on organic food.  Not only do I believe, but there are tons of research which have proven that organic food is healthier and safer than conventional grown food.  So instead of writing about a health tip this week, I’m going to bring awareness to people about Senate Bill 510.

Your local farmers market could be a thing of the past if Senate Bill 510 gets past.

Someone wrote that Senate Bill 510 may be the most DANGEROUS bill in the history of the US.  And I don’t disagree with him.  Please, take a minute to read his blog, it was very good and informative.

The Senate is currently trying to pass this bill.  If this bill passes, there will be no more farmer market and organic food.  This is an important issue so I ask each of you to look into it and also to please join me to take action and prevent this bill from happening.  There are two action movements that I am aware of:

  1. ACTION ALERT: Rescue local/organic farming in the Food Safety Bill or

If you don’t believe it, here is a link to the actual Bill and you can read up on it yourself:

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