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Hi everybody-

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to write a health tip this week but I will resume next week.

However, I am going to introduce this DVD which covers over 2 hours of frottage from a live workshop covering the aspect of introducing Olympic Lifting to personal training clients.  The DVD goes of prerequisites before even attempting to teach the Olympic lifts along with full progressions for the hang clean.

Available at Evo-Performance for only $19 plus shipping.

Here is a review from one of the trainers who bought the DVD:


I found this DVD to be absolutely fantastic as someone who’s backed away from teaching these lifts ive gained a lot of confidence in what i learned, Peter you’ve done a fantastic job breaking the lifts down for even a beginner to understand like myself. but The thing that really impressed me was the smooth transition from neurodynamics,joint mobilization,neuromuscular activation and integration were all explained precisely and blended effortlessly, sometimes other DVD’s you feel as if its a stop start process. I gained a huge understanding of how these aspects to training are applied and has got me thinking on a whole new level.Really for the price of $19.00 you cant go wrong with this product Peter you have a no B.S approach and I can see you are extremely passionate about what you do.A lot of DVDS I have have watched feels like its a rehash of old stuff,I actually learnt new aspects that I haven’t learnt before, i think this is a true hallmark of a good product.

The way in which you broke down the lifts and covering prerequisite’s was a real eye opener to me, especially the front squat stuff, I now see how incorrectly my own form was and and can now spot immediately when someone is performing it incorrectly and also how to enhance technique, thanks to you DVD! The FMS stuff was also a highlight to me only being a newbie to the whole concept you made a good case for it and made it simplistic to understand.I actually cant come up with any negatives the picture went a little bit with some audio interruptions but the quality of the information overshadowed that completely.As you said not bad for a 2 hour production for $19.00 not sure if many offer this sort of quality.


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