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Health tip for week August 9th

  • Weight training may greatly benefit those who have rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is mainly a disease affecting the joints, but a less well known symptom is that it also severely reduces muscle mass and strength and this occurs even among patients whose disease is well managed.

A research completed in UK found that patients who weight lifted saw improvements in basic physical function such as walking.

Another researchers at Bangor and Gwynedd Hospital said such high intensity exercising could play a key role alongside drug treatment.

The high intensity training was found to increase the levels of an insulin-like growth factor (1GF-1) and insulin-like growth binding protein 3 – both of which promote the growth of muscles, bone and cartilage.

However, note that RA can affect different people in very different ways so pumping iron may not be appropriate for everyone. I suggest people discuss [this] with their physio.

So if you know a family member or friend who has RA, tell them about this and encourage them to talk to their physio about weight lifting.



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