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Health tip for week Sep 20th

  • To get any results, do exercises that are hard for you.

We all love to do things that are easy for us and we all avoid things that are hard.

For training, it is a little different.  If the exercise is too easy,  two things are happening:

1) You need to add any or more weight.  For instance, if body weight static lunges are easy, then hold two dumbbells.  Adding weight or more weight will make it harder.

2) You need to modify it or change it completely.  For example, static lunges are easy, then do walking lunges.  And if walking lunges with weights are easy, then do bulgarian squats.

When training or working out, you want to make it hard or challenging for yourself, otherwise, you won’t see results.  If your goal is to gain muscles, doing the same weight for over 2 weeks will get you nowhere.  I know some guys are afraid to go heavier because the weights might fall on them (especially on the bench press or shoulder press).  This is my response:  “Get a partner or someone to spot you”.  And I also know some, no, most girls are afraid to go heavier because they don’t want to bulk up and look like a man.  Ha.  Keep dreaming, girls.  It takes years and years and lots of drugs to get a girl to look like a man, unless the girl is lifting close to 300 lbs bench press and deadlift 500 lbs naturally (I mean no drugs), then I will probably start worrying about looking like a man.

Girls, please, don’t be afraid to lift heavier.  If you want a hot and lean body, go heavy.  You will not look like a man.  I lift heavy and nobody has ever told me that I look like a man or look scary.

To summarize the health tip, if you want results, you gotta train hard.  If it is too easy, change the exercise or lift heavier.

Thanks and enjoy your week.


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