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Health tip for week Oct 18th

  • Activate your glutes before you work out

This week is an exercise tip.  Our glutes or butt muscles are one of the most important muscles for movement and foundation.  Whenever you walk, run, get up and sit down, your glutes have to work.  If they don’t, then you are compensating with other muscles.  If you ever have knee, back  or ankle pain, 90% of the time your glutes are not working.  If you sit down for long hours, there is a high possibility that your glutes are sleeping.  It’s like the saying: “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

So, how about if you exercise already?  Is that mean your glutes are strong and working properly?  Maybe and maybe not.  Our bodies learn very quickly to compensate.

So here is an exercise to activate your glutes, to wake them up.   The exercise is called “Lateral Side Step”.  For those people who glutes are very weak or have no glute muscles, this exercise will be a strength exercise.  All you need is a mini-band.

  1. Place the mini-band around your ankles.
  2. Stand up, feet apart, bend the knees a bit, drive your hip back and hands on your hips.
  3. Step one side and keep going for 10 steps one way and then reverse it, 10 steps back.
  4. Make sure your feet are straight forward and not pointing outwards when you are stepping.
  5. And most importantly, put most of your weight on your heel (about 70%).   If you don’t shift your weight to your heel, you will be using your quads and knees instead.
  6. You should feel your glutes or butt muscles burning.  If you don’t, review the previous steps and make sure you do it right this time.  Watch the video below for reference.

This activation exercise is good for everybody even if your glutes are already strong.  Use it as a warm up exercise, a way to wake up the glute muscles prior to any training routine.  Enjoy.  Email me at if you have any questions.


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