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Health tip for week Nov 1st

Standing cobra exercise:  A great exercise to help you stand up straight.

Standing cobra works all of your back muscles.  Most people who sit for long hours are likely to have a upper cross syndrome or a round back with arms/shoulders forward and head forward.  This exercise helps strengthen your back muscles so you can stand up straight without forcing it or thinking about it.

This is how it works:

1) Make sure you have a resistance band with handles.  Hang it somewhere high.  I usually tell my clients to hang up on top of any door and close it so it will be jammed in the door.

2) Grab the handles or if you have a correction band like in the video, have your palms inside the band.  Open up the hands behind your shoulder and round your shoulders back and keep shoulder down.

3) Squeeze your shoulder blades together, and open the chest up.  And hold for 30 seconds, relax and repeat 3 x.

4) Make sure you stand up straight.  Don’t use your body to hold the position.  Use your arms to bring the band next to or behind your body.  And make sure you don’t arch your back (in other words, stick your butt out too much), don’t want to feel it on your lower back.

Thanks and watch the video to get a better idea.  Email me if you have any questions,


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