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Health tip for week Nov 23rd

I know I discussed the importance of using Kettlebells in my prior blogs, but for this week’s blog I will like to share my experience and the tips I learn from this past weekend’s advance Kettlebell certification.  The class was intense and not to mention we all had to pass a fitness test which was hard.  You get to choose the weight of Kettlebell you want to use for the test.  Once determine which weight, there are certain reps you must perform.  I chose 8 kg Kettlebell because I had a lasik eye surgery 2 days ago and I didn’t want to go hard.  So I had to do 65 jerks (both arms) and 75 snatch each arm.

While performing the test, the key was breathing.  A continuous breathing not only help me finish the reps, but it kept me from getting tired too fast, staying focus and keeping my heart rate steady.  Keeping my heart rate normal was important for me because of my eye surgery.  I needed to maintain my blood pressure normal.

Another thing I learned is that technique was critical.  If I didn’t have the right technique, I would not have completed the fitness test in the proper timing.  Bad technique will fatigue you faster and not to mention, all the bruises you will get in your arms and your wrists/hands will give out after few reps.

Kettlebell is a great tool for conditioning.   I recommend everybody to at least try it.  Please, get an instructor to show you how to use them correctly. Proper technique is not only critical but will make it a more enjoyable experience.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


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