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Health tip for week Jan 10th

Knee Pain:  what can you do?

Knee pain is usually a symptom.  The cause can be many, from lack of glute function, tight muscles surrounding the knee like the quads, calves or iliotibial band, patella is locked, and many other reasons.

Here are few things you can do to release some knee pain:

  • Foam roll your tight muscles, start with your calves and follow by iliotibial bands (ITB) and lastly quads.  Make sure you find spots that hurts and hold the painful spots for at least 30 seconds.  This is important because finding the spots is finding the trigger points in the muscles which is usually causing the muscles to shorten and therefore feels tight. Tight muscles will cause pain in the knee area.  Here is 2 videos of how to do self myo-fascial release including foam rolling.
  • Mobilize the patella.  Watch the video for this.  It’s easier to learn this by watching.
  • Do lots of glutes exercises. Glutes stabilize the knee.  When the glutes are not functioning, the knee has to do more work, creating more stress on the knee.
  • Rest and stop high impact exercises like running and jumping.  If you need to do something cardio, go biking or lift weights.  Lifting weights can be as much cardiovascular as running.  Just keep the weights low and do your set with less rest periods.  It will keep your heart rate elevated.
  • This is for the ladies:  Stop wearing high heels.  The heels put tremendous pressure on the knees.  Foam roll your calves.  Your calves will be tight from wearing the heels.
  • And of course, if none of the above steps help, then seek help professionally.  Go to a therapist.

I hope any of the above tips help.  Thanks for reading.


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