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Health tip for week April 4th

Bent over exercise is a great whole body exercise.

You work your hip  flexibility, core, shoulder stability and back strength.  It’s not about how heavy you do it, but how well you do it.  If you do it properly, you will feel the whole body working.

Bent over looks very similar to windmill.  There are few differences.  The windmill starts with one arm up and then down, while the arm goes up as you go down with the bent press, so you focus more on the press.   The depth is more deep with the windmill. You come down vertically and center with the windmill, while the bent press is more to the side focusing on having the arm up perfect align with the arm down as you press.

Here are two videos of how to do the bent press.  One is with the kettlebell and another is with the barbell.



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